Deep Cleaning & Gum Disease

Dental Cleaning / Deep Cleaning – Dental cleanings not only prevent cavities, stop tooth loss, light up your smile, freshen bad breath, and save you money, but also dental cleanings surprisingly increase your overall health.

Prevent Cavities – Over time, with the foods you eat and drinks you drink, an off-white coating starts collecting on and around your teeth. This is plaque. Although it does not sound that bad: It is the leading cause of tooth decay. The acidity of plaque starts to erode your tooth enamel, and, if not taken care of every day, it can lead to much-talked-about cavities.

Plaque can only be removed by brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings.

Deep-Cleaning / Scaling & Root-Planing
Deep-Cleaning stops Gum Disease. – Also known as Scaling & Root-Planing, Deep-Cleaning is one of the best ways to cure the early stages of Gum Disease. The dental work itself is quite simple. It removes bacteria between the gums and teeth, all the way down to the roots. We usually use local anesthetic; so, you don’t feel anything.

Stop Tooth Loss
When you don’t brush your teeth twice a day, floss, or get regular dental cleanings, plaque builds up. Over time, a lot of plaque causes gum disease, which is a serious cause of tooth loss in adults.

As gum disease takes over your mouth, plaque goes further and further down your tooth, where it can ruin the bone in your jaw, causing teeth to become weak, and drop out.

Missing a tooth or two does not sound that bad. But, now studies show the fewer teeth you have, the potentially higher chances you have for heart disease.

Thankfully you can seriously decrease your chances of dental doomsday by just practicing good oral-hygiene habits, and getting regular dental cleanings.

Light Up Your Smile
Naturally eating food and drinking change the color of your teeth. Things like coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, all do their part in staining your smile.

But, that’s okay. Dental cleanings can take off stains, and help give back your shiny teeth.

Freshen Bad Breath
In addition to drinking a lot of water each day, brushing and flossing your teeth daily help make your mouth smell less.

Up-close-and-personal dental cleanings can also help remove pieces of rotting food that you’ve missed all these months.

Save Money
Dental cleanings are considered to be preventative care. Getting them regularly (with automatic routine oral exams) can help prevent long-term, more life-threatening health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Fortunately, most dental-insurance plans have low or no co-payments.

If you use your dental benefits now, you can save money down the road by helping to guard your oral health, and possibly avoid very, very expensive, high-priced procedures and surgeries.

Increase Your Overall Health
More and more studies now show a connection between dental and overall health. Visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings may help lessen chances for diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. In general, many medical problems can be caught on time by your dentist during routine oral exams.

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